Kalimantan SelatanOSAKA 大阪托运集装箱如何收费           ★★★ 【字体:
Kalimantan SelatanOSAKA 大阪托运集装箱如何收费
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20GP/40GP/40HQ 【OSAKA 大阪】  船东单AFR收USD30-35   【可代办申报货代单的AFR服务,额外收USD15/票】  【免费申报VGM】

$1050/2500/2500+THC+DOC+封条+AFR+打单  免电放费   广州 南沙周1.3.5驳船 蛇口2截3开  直航5天/4截5开  直航4天  /4截5开  直航9天  【CHINA LINES 中远海 COSCO】  (不含FAF:USD40/80 预付)       

$1230/2590/2590+THC+DOC+封条+AFR  免电放费 广州 南沙周1.3.5驳船 蛇口3截4开  5截7开  直航5天   【TSL】(有柜提) (不含LSS:USD8/16,只能预付)

$1100/2300/2300+THC+DOC+封条+AFR+打单  免电放费   广州 南沙周1-5驳船 蛇口2截3开 直航6天   【ZIM】(ZIM不含GFS:USD20/40,只能预付) 小柜超21.5T有重柜费  大柜超26.5T有重柜费  
We continue to develop our service network at home and abroad and extend our service range to offer our customers with high value-added and professional logistics service like Customs clearance, delivery and warehousing on the basis of one-stop air cargo service. We have a group of highly educated and trained professionals, with advanced management, rich experience and efficient service consciousness, which allow us to provide the best logistics service to our customers.


We operate the exclusive door to door service to Saudi Arabia. We charter space and pallets from all main international airlines in most of big airports of China to secure the space & timeliness for all our cargo, and we have set up our own office and warehouse in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, to provide our customers withcomprehensive& all-season service seamlessly. From cargo pick-up, warehousing, Customs export declaration, Quarantine inspection & transportation at the origin in China to Customs import clearance, warehousing and cargo delivery to the consignee at the destination in Saudi Arabia, you just need to give us a call or send us an email for booking, then we will handle all procedures smoothly to make things happen. Safe, Timely, Efficient and Economic.

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