瑞士heavy bulky goods, 的国际货运sea           ★★★ 【字体:
瑞士heavy bulky goods, 的国际货运sea
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Ultra-high open-top cabinet stamped tarpaulin Photo:

Large-scale machinery and equipment and heavy bulky goods, such as heavy machinery, steel, wood and the like.
20-foot open top container: content plot for Mi 5.89 m × 2.32 × 2.31 m door 2286mm × 2278mm, picking 20 tons gross weight, volume of 31.5 m3.
40-foot open top container: content plot for Mi 12.01 m × 2.33 × 2.15 m door 2286mm × 2278mm, picking gross weight of 30.4 tons, the volume of 65 cubic meters.

Compare prices and general special counters cabinet

Special counters in tariffs is not completely fixed method of calculation, which involve the various terminals and transshipment of practical accommodation and seasonal conditions. OOG special counters and equipment is limited, based on the tariffs also consider whether there are empty cabinet. OOG because too many special counters occupy space in the case of full accommodation, the tariff change is very large, so you need to leave the quotation phase reasonable space.Sea Freight
Sea freight, as one of the core business of UNITEX, we offer perfect services covering booking space, storage and transshipment, assembled container and devanning, customs clearance and inspection, import and export business.

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